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Payment and Shipping


If you’re in St.-Petersburg, just come to our gallery, located in Petrograskaya Storona, one of the most beautiful city’s historical districts.


Our web catalogue is easy to use, and allows you to order chosen painting anywhere within Russian borders.


Prices of our paintings look very attractive for foreign citizens, and modern postal delivery services make international shipping a convenient and reliable affair.


It’s really simple and easy to buy a painting. You can browse our paintings in our web catalogue, which contains all currently available artworks. Online browsing is a faster and more convenient way to explore everything we have to offer. Rest assured, any painting you can choose is already available for purchase. Our search and sorting system really saves your time. You can make an order directly from the catalogue, or phone to the gallery and name IDs of the paintings you liked. If you are planning to visit the gallery after that, all chosen paintings will be prepared for a closer look in the exhibition hall, where you will be able to make final decision.


You can pay in cash and by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, MIR). We can also send an invoice for corporate customers.


Painting delivery within St.-Petersburg is free. Further delivery will be included in painting’s price. If you want to take a closer look to choose between several paintings, but don’t have time to come to our gallery, we can bring up to 5 works to you, so that you could make final choice.

"Масандра Художников"
ул. Б Пушкарская д.10
галерея открыта ежедневно
с 12:00 до 20:00

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